Heard of a Muslim iPad?

Simply speak your mind and you can get a free iPad loaded with exclusive AlMaghrib videos.

It’s that easy. Five questions to get your feedback and you have a chance to win a Muslim iPad.

No Strings Attached » www.muslimipad.com

8 Replies to “Heard of a Muslim iPad?”

  1. Assalam.w.w.
    Almaghrib institute is truly inspirational, takes to worlds all in one sitting, draws you to Allah as a true servant and friend eliminating the awkwardness. With proof and solutions it nourishes the soul and places reminders needed in the times of need.

  2. By the Grace & Mercy Allah I have attended sixteen almaghrib courses with my four children who are also active volunteers! Tabarakallah! We have learnt a great deal at the courses. My dua is that may everyone at Al Maghrib achieve the ultimate goal, which is Janna tul Firdous. Inshallah!

  3. Al-Maghrib is the best. They have very good instructors. It is also very educational and the lectures are very interesting. The volunteers are very helpful. I recommend this institute to everyone that wants to seek knowledge about Islam.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum, i was just introduced to this great institute. would love to be involved and learn more. looking forward to the Chicago workshops.

  5. Assalam.w.w.
    I have been introduced to al-maghrib by my dear Friend of mine, after one course I fall in love with it,
    And it became part of my life .
    JazakAllah Kherain to all the instructors, volunteers & everyone who helped to bring it to UK.

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