Sold Out Smiles in NJ & Orlando

“Sold Out!” read the excited emails coming in from New Jersey’s Qabeelat Durbah and Orlando’s Qabeelat Noor. “We brought in extra chairs!”

The Prophet’s Smile: Characteristics of Muhammad (pbuh) taught by Shaykh Yaser Birjas was indeed a packed house, alhamdulillah, with 430 students in NJ and 250 students in Orlando. May Allah (swt) accept it from all of them.

Reports coming in from fellow students read:

“SubhanAllah I learned more in this class then I have in my entire life. All of our lives we have heard of what an extraordinary man Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was but y
et Shaykh Yasir Birjas taught it in such a way that it was as though we were transported back in a time machine. After learning of all the things the Prophet (SAW) love
d and used I saw myself wanting to emulate his example more and more because after all “a person will be raised with those whom he loves”. JazakhAllah Khair for a truly amazing experience!”

Hijra Raja, NJ

“MashALLAH the class was a emotional roller coast ride. Learning about the characteristics and manners of the person we love the most and to see it being implemented right in front of us by our Shayke Yasir Birjas was something that can not be described. Its just as Immam As Shaafiee said “The different between a person who gets knowledge from a book and a scholar is of a person of ignorance and knowledgeable”. I learned more from Sh Yasir Birjas Ahlak than anything else Alhamdulillah.”

Mohamed Hafeezullah, NJ

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5 Replies to “Sold Out Smiles in NJ & Orlando”

  1. I always felt that i Love Propt. PBUH by mouth……. after this class now i am so sure that i love him dearly and i love to send darood upon him when ever i hear his name 🙂 Allahumdulilah .
    May Allah swt reward Sh. Yaser Birjas for Such a beautful way of explaing us the sweetness of sunnah and love for our beloved Propt. PBUH Amen !

  2. Alhumdullilah Allah is the Best of Planners. Having received some money unexpectedly from a friend I thought Free money .I will get the long over due massage I always wanted.However a student not long after told me about the seminar The Prophets Smile (pbuh) and group AlMaghrib and she was so excited .Did I mentioned she was 14yrs old and excited about a weekend seminar. I knew right away I didnt need to massage my body but Allah was directing me to go and massage my mind. I was so blown away by the emotion of the speaker Br Birjas and the audience around me that in june with Allah’s permission I hope to secure a seat in the upcoming AlMaghrib production. I pray that Allah will continue to give us all Ilm.SubhannaAllah

  3. MashaAllah the class was amazing in ORLANDO! Not to mention the great Qabeelat of NOOR!!! Sh.Yasir Birjas did a great job! I can’t wait till it comes to Houston! InshaAllah we’ll be sold out too! =)

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