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  1. Subhanallah I am *SOO* excited about this year’s Ilm Summit. Last year was my first year and it truly was one of the best experiences of my life! Jazak Allah khair to Sh.Yasir and the team for their continuous effort in taking Ilm Summit to new heights 😉

  2. Does the cost for this Ilm Summit include food and lodging as well?

    I would live to attend this summit. I am a revert to Islam and have been a Muslimah
    activist, student of knowledge and a dayeeah for more than 36 years. I would like to apply for one of the few remaining seats in this program. I still remain very ACTIVE in Muslim community development here in the NEw York City area for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

  3. Is there any way to know if other people from the same state or nearby locations are going? I’d love to go with a group or at least someone from close-by.
    I live in Michigan, so anyone from Michigan, Illinois/Chicago or even Ohio…. 🙂

  4. Aslamu Alaykum! i also would like to know if there are scholoarships for this, b/c i really can’t afford it. But Masha’Allah this looks great! and how old do you have to be to go to ilm summit b/c i’m only 15.

  5. Aslamu-alaikum: OH after watching this video it sounds enticing. BTW i dont’ wear socks, no need to have them blown away. just a joke. salam

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