Allahu Akbar! Over $110,000 Raised for Somalia


$108K USD has been raised in under 3 hours and the numbers are still growing – Allahu Akbar!

When we are faced with choices of what to cook today, mothers in Somalia are plagued with the decision on which child to feed while the other must die.

Somalia, we have heard your call and we are responding bi ithnillah. Brothers and sisters, please listen to the replay of Starvation: Raising Hope from Dust – the opportunity to donate is still at our hands. Continue reading “Allahu Akbar! Over $110,000 Raised for Somalia”

A Jewel in the Midst

Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef once coined them “the diamond Qabeelah of AlMaghrib Institute,” and for good reason too. For three years since their birth in 2008, Qabeelat Mass has never failed to live to that name. From their deep engagement in food shelves to their unparalleled hospitality, the students of Bradford, UK, have recently gained AlMaghrib spotlight for this month’s featured Qabeelah. These words tell a story of their most notable milestones… Continue reading “A Jewel in the Midst”

Ramadan Mubarak!

Simply two words: “Ramadan Mubarak” – we say it to one another, we post it on Facebook, and it’s in the subject of our emails. But what does it really mean?

Check out this fun video by Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef where he explains “Ramadan Mubarak”, gives some practical advice for Ramadan and shares some insider info about what to expect in the upcoming year.

Click here to watch

The instructors, staff, and volunteers here at AlMaghrib ask Allah (swt) that this Ramadan becomes a source of blessing for you in your life. Ramadan Mubarak!

AlMaghrib Institute

P.S. Last time Shaykh Muhammad recorded an AlMaghrib video, Shaykh Abu Eesa had something to say. Check it out right here: