A Jewel in the Midst

Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef once coined them “the diamond Qabeelah of AlMaghrib Institute,” and for good reason too. For three years since their birth in 2008, Qabeelat Mass has never failed to live to that name. From their deep engagement in food shelves to their unparalleled hospitality, the students of Bradford, UK, have recently gained AlMaghrib spotlight for this month’s featured Qabeelah. These words tell a story of their most notable milestones…

“The best of humanity is the one who serves humanity best,” our beloved Prophet (salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) once said. The students of Qabeelat Mass bring these words to life; in their high aspirations, they initiated a flagship project at a homeless soup kitchen since their early Qabeelah-hood in April 2008 after hosting Touched By An Angel: Tafsir Juz’ ‘Amma with Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef. Students gather on a bi-weekly basis and lend themselves to cooking gourmet dishes: Moroccan chickpea soups, shepherd’s pie, hot custards, assorted fruits, teas/coffees with biscuits and savory cakes of par excellence. One student volunteer wrote: “I can’t describe the satisfaction in feeding homeless folk. They have nothing besides the clothes on their back and the carrier bags. I pray that Allah accepts our little efforts and uses us to help better society.”

We would assume this Qabeelah is drowning in debt right now from their seemingly never-ending cooking fiestas at the homeless shelter. Think again, because the money this diamond Qabeelah raises from merchandise sales reaches beyond feeding hungry souls; when they aren’t grating chocolate for a fudge cake, or leading climbing expeditions up the Yorkshire Three Peaks, QMass-ians can be found in the classrooms, where our AlMaghrib instructors deliver gems of knowledge to an attentive audience. Their list of courses (with more to come!) encompass a range of disciplines: seerah (A Shepherd’s Path; On the Shoulders of Giants); fiqh (Divine Link; The Last Breath); aqeedah (Light of Guidance; The Rays of Faith); tafsir (Beautiful Patience; Eternal Journey; Touched by an Angel) as well as others (A Heart Serene).

It also appears that this Qabeelah is “great on merchandise and providing food (biryani!)” according to one student testimonial. Tables laden with mugs, USB Flash sticks, flasks, Cotton-Eco bags, “Ilm is the Key” trolley coins have made this Qabeelah a haven for all AlMaghrib merchandise collectors. All profits from sales are either reserved for student scholarships and charity organizations.

For all QMass’ efforts, AlMaghrib Institute has arranged for them a well-deserved opportunity to host ‘IlmFest this year. In the mean time, join their race for Jannah at www.iwantjannah.org.

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