Softening The Heart

The speed at which Ramadan travels is similar to the speed at which your chocolate bar finishes. You make yourself a nice warm cup of tea after a long hard day, open the chocolate bar and… well that’s all you remember really, opening it. Similarly, you remember keeping the first fast of Ramadan and before you know it, it’s ‘Eid!

So, after Ramadan whizzed past us, the only chance we really had to brush up on our good deeds were the days of DhulHijjah. That was our chance to get back into the practice of fasting and doing regular actions to bank up on some reward. But now that even those days have gone, what do we have to keep our hearts attached to Allah (swt)? Continue reading “Softening The Heart”

Fasting The Day of Ashura

Somewhere a family sits huddled in the corner of a dwelling, some run down structure, or in a war torn city. A mother says to her child, “mommy it hurts.” “I know baby, I’ll find food tomorrow”, she replies, knowing that the chances of it actually happening are little to none.

They huddle in the dark, while dealing with the extreme pains of hunger. All the time they are wondering if they will make it through the night, as we smile and carry on without a worry in the world. Continue reading “Fasting The Day of Ashura”