Softening The Heart

The speed at which Ramadan travels is similar to the speed at which your chocolate bar finishes. You make yourself a nice warm cup of tea after a long hard day, open the chocolate bar and… well that’s all you remember really, opening it. Similarly, you remember keeping the first fast of Ramadan and before you know it, it’s ‘Eid!

So, after Ramadan whizzed past us, the only chance we really had to brush up on our good deeds were the days of DhulHijjah. That was our chance to get back into the practice of fasting and doing regular actions to bank up on some reward. But now that even those days have gone, what do we have to keep our hearts attached to Allah (swt)?

Well, Allah, Ar-Rahman has provided us with constant heart softeners to prevent a distance from forming between us and Him. We have been blessed with serious yearly reminders, namely Ramdan and DhulHijjah, but also with monthly, weekly and daily reminders…if only we are aware!


Of the reminders Allah (swt) had gifted us with is the blessed day of Jumu’ah. Those of us that take full advantage of this day will know the effect it has on us for the rest of the week. Reading Surah Al-Kahf on this day, as Rasoolullah (saw) stated, is a light for us from one Friday to the next. If we could see these blessings, we would never neglect this act on Jumu’ah. Also, attending the Jumu’ah prayer is a huge heart softener in itself, listening to the khutbah has a great effect on our imaan and keeps us in check for the following week.


Now that Ramadan is over (and I know this is a cliché) the mus’haf is probably back on the shelf, quite literally. The Qur’an is the best heart softener and source of gaining closeness to Allah (swt). However, it is such that the more we give it, the more it will give us and the moment we begin to neglect it, ‘it runs away (is forgotten) faster than camels that are released from their tying ropes.’ (Bukhari) Reading and reflecting upon the Qur’an allows us to constantly be critical of and eventually change ourselves for the better whilst maintaining and building a relationship with Allah (swt).

Time Management

‘Wasting time is worse than death because death separates you from this world but wasting time separates you from Allah.’ (Ibn al-Qayyim) This is an epic quote by a major scholar of our deen. If we lived with this quote in our daily lives, we would have a much more productive and progressive deen and dunya. Managing time and balancing our deen with our dunya would mean that we lived in moderation, exactly how Rasoolullah (saw) taught us to live. A true Muslim manages his time perfectly in order that he may give everything and everyone their due rights and this in turn will keep him close to Allah (swt), close to the sunnah of Rasoolullah (saw) and content in this life.


Spending in the path of Allah regularly allows us to purify our wealth whilst being conscious of Allah and showing our gratitude for the things He has blessed us with. Sadaqah was an action the sahaba did constantly throughout their lives. This act is very beloved to Allah and it is an act through which we can attain the shade of Allah’s throne on the day that there will be no shade inshaAllah.

And these are just a minority of the numerous acts of worship Allah has blessed us with to develop a relationship with Him. And by making a sincere intention we can change almost any action into an act of ‘ibaadah and an act of gaining closeness to Allah. We just have to constantly be aware of Allah and the Day of Judgement in order to gain as much benefit and contentment in this life as we possibly can, of course keeping in mind that the ultimate contentment lies in jannah…our permanent home inshaAllah.

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