AlMaghrib Stars: Dean's List

When you look up high into the night sky, you see some stars that shine brighter than the rest. Once in a while, your eyes will catch a glimpse of something very spectacular, like a shooting star or a super nova!

Well, think of the AlMaghrib world as that beautiful night sky and all the stars as students. Those rare, beautiful, magnificent and spectacular stars would be the students on our Dean’s List! These students earned this great honour by attending three or more classes during 2012 and achieving 90% or higher!¬†They will be rewarded by a certificate and a private conference call with Shaykh Yasir Qadhi!

Check out the poster below to see the students who made it onto the Dean’s List:

3 Replies to “AlMaghrib Stars: Dean's List”

  1. Masha’Allah, I love how you introduced the “star” students in the piece above; very nice. Of course, mabrook to those star students, and may Allah continue to increase their knowledge and keep them on the next dean’s list, iA.

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