The "Unofficial" Liwaa: Who will you vote for?

A little bit of competition never hurt anyone. The “Unofficial Liwaa” is just as exciting, if not more exciting then the “Official Liwaa” vote. Along with the “Official Liwaa” which is awarded to the top Qabeelah who performs on student attendance, exam turnout and exam scores, the “Unofficial Liwaa” seesĀ thousands of students across the AlMaghrib student body take to Facebook to vote for their favourite Qabeelah.

Who will be the Student’s favourite Qabeelah this year?

Last year, Qabeelat Ihsaan, Malaysia, took the title by over 1500 votes – and rightly so as they proved to be very worthy winners. Will Qabeelat Ihsaan win the hearts of the students again this year? or will a new Qabeelah rise to the challenge?

Which Qabeelah are you going to vote for? You can follow the voting here and see how your Qabeelah is doing. Put your Qabeelah on the map and make some noise and remember every vote counts!

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