Post-IlmFest Blues

IlmFest 2013 in Glasgow and Manchester was a mind-blowing conference put together by the hardworking volunteers of AlMaghrib. Approximately 1500 students attended IlmFest this weekend in each City.

In the words of Sister Abeedah, Ameerah QTaqwa:

IlmFest 2013 hit Glasgow and Scotland like an iman-boosting storm! SubhanAllah in one moment, the lack of sleep, the lack of meals, and the lack of brain space beyond IlmFest was all so wonderfully worth it!

For the first time in my life I saw hundred of Muslim from every walk of life enter an event with one unified goal; gaining ilm! It humbled my heart to the core, simply due to being allowed the opportunity to witness it, and be part of the organising team! Alhamdulillah, a blessing that will remaing secured in my heart forever.

Though there was little of the lectures that I personally witnessed, I lived off the high that the attendees were clearly experiencing. SubhanAllah so many people walked away that day with a new found love and respect for our beautiful Deen.

And in that moment….Alhamdulillah, the sweat and tears for months, preceding seemed a distant memory… forgotten, and now replaced with the contentment of seeing Allah’s Majestic Plan play out.

SubhanAllah…… [Sister Abeedah: QTaqwa | Scotland]

The much anticipated IlmFest landed in Manchester, much to the delight of its’ homies…Qabeelat Barakah. A definite buzz in the air, as the audience settled awaiting gems to be rained down among them, and we were not disappointed.

My personal highlight being among 1500+ worshippers of the Almighty, praying outside together under a bright sky with a gentle breeze…the reason for our being there.  The legacy of the Prophets (as) and the divine history of Ash-Sham narrated to us like never before…linking the past, present and future with powerful accuracy. Angels amongst us, in this gathering to remember Allah, Glory be to Him, we hope and pray they are witness to us in goodness.  The skies were dry, the eyes were not, as it rained heavy on our hearts..
….When Ilmfest came to the land of Barakah [Sister Sakinah: IlmFest Attendee]

IlmFest hit Manchester on Sunday 16th June and wowed the packed out crowd. Sh. Abu Eesa’s Levantine Prophecy kept the audience captivated as they eagerly followed the stories of the messengers coming out of Ash-Sham, Sh. Ahsan made Ramadan come to life in time for its arrival and Sh. Kamal and Sh. Reda’s comedy face off had smiles on everyone’s faces.
[IlmFest Volunteer]

May Allah Azza Wa Jal reward all the hard work, effort and time that had gone into putting 2 amazing IlmFest events together in Scotland and Manchester – to all the volunteers, I guess the end result was worth all the sleepless nights!

Q Ittihad representing in the first Ilympic Event!

Today was the first AlMaghrib Ilympic Event as part of the share the khayr campaign – The Oratory Short Speech competition.

Ma sha Allah from the submissions, there were 3 strong finalists that submerged: Sister Alima (QFawz, Birmingham, UK), Sister Hanaa (QIttihad, Windsor, Canada) & Sister Kaltun (QMadinatayn, Minnesota). The theme chosen was the “Confident Muslim Woman”.

Each sister had their own spin on how they viewed the Confident Muslim Woman – from the perspective of a contributor to their community, as a student when one moment changed their life and finally as a mother bringing her son into this ruthless world with the only hope that her son will be eternally happy.

As with any competition, there can only be one winner and the one speech that stood out from the rest was Sister Hanaa Elmi from Qabeelat Ittihad, Windsor. Hanaa’s command of the language and the imagery she used was very powerful and effective, especially in a society where women take on so many different roles as mothers, sisters, wives, colleagues etc.

Congratulations to Sister Hanaa. She is the winner of a 2014 IlmRush Card.

If you missed the live event this morning, then not to worry, you can still catch the winning speech as a webcast replay which can be accessed at:

Final Destination – Ilmfest 2013: Glasgow & Manchester

This weekend the IlmTour Bus reaches its final destination at IlmFest 2013 in Glasgow and Manchester.

An event not to be missed with an EPIC theme: The Prophet’s Last Sermon. A fun-filled family event, packed with ‘Ilm from our very own AlMaghrib Instructors and GEMs throughout the day.

There will be stalls available for attendees so husbands, don’t forget to take your wallets and give them to your wives at the entrance!

Take your children, your spouses, your parents, your siblings, your cousins, aunts, uncles and don’t forget to invite your neighbours! An event not to be missed.

Check out more here:

IlmFest 2013 App Release

If you are attending or thinking of attending IlmFest 2013 this weekend, then this is the app that you need to have on your smart phones!

With IlmFest coming this weekend to Scotland & Manchester (UK), AlMaghrib Institute have released the first EVER free IlmFest app!

It includes information on the speakers, programme details, venue location & tickets!

P.S:  Make sure you download the new FREE IlmFest app iA –> Here

Join Sh Omar Suleiman in London this week

Catch Sh Omar Suleiman in London this Friday 14th June from 6.30PM as he joins Islamic Relief.

As we are fast approaching Ramadhan, he will be aptly talking about the Legacy of ‘Uthmaan (RA), known for his piety and generosity.

Even though ‘Uthmaan (RA) was famous for his business and leadership ability, ‘Uthmaan was a man of great modesty. One day, the Prophet (SAW) was lying down in his house with his thighs or his calves exposes. Abu Bakr (RA) – and later ‘Umar (RA) – asked permission to enter and was permitted while the Prophet (SAW) was in that position and he came in and spoke with them. When ‘Uthman (RA) asked permission, the Prophet (SAW) sat up and straightened his clothing. He was then given permission. ‘Uthman came in spoke with the Prophet (SAW). The Prophet’s wife Aisha bint Abu Bakr (RA) asked why he treated ‘Uthman (RA) differently. The Prophet (SAW) answered, “Should I not be shy of a man around whom the angels are shy (because of his modesty)?” [Muslim]

Details of how to get tickets for this event and where the event will be taking place, please check the poster below.

Forget the Olympics….'coz "The Ilympics" is here…

In celebration of a decade of knowledge, AlMaghrib Institute presents a one of a kind series of fun and engaging competitions for the students. The Ilympics will include the best of AlMaghrib Institute’s 60 000 + student body competing in 4 major areas: In Spoken Word, Short Speech, Visual Arts and the best of them all, in Qur’aan.

This is the moment students have been waiting for so make sure you take part of this historical moment in AlMaghrib Institute’s student body and join in the Ilympics here!

What: The Ilympics: A series of competitions of Knowledge that manifests
itself in a variety of online events
Who: The competitors will be AlMaghrib Institute’s Student body
When: June 23rd-July 7th (But Submissions start now!)

Pick your battle…..and take it to the next level….

To participate in any one of the four competitions, check out the rules and regulations at:

First EVER AlMaghrib IlmTour: Kicks off tonight!

The road trip you only wish you could take. Imagine the scene. 7 days. A bus. A bunch of brothers. Some Shuyookh. A bit of comedy packed with GEMs & not forgetting, proper British Fish & Chips & not 1 but 2 IlmFests!

An amazing road trip full of knowledge, fun and re-runs of The Message!

Starting off in London and finishing off at IlmFest in Manchester, the AlMaghrib IlmTour bus kicks off tonight and will be touring across the UK in key cities: Leicester, Bradford, Manchester & Glasgow. Catch the IlmTour crew in your local city. Spend the evening picking up gems from the life of the most beloved man to Allah swt, Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Many people have been eagerly waiting for the release of the topic each Shaykh will cover!! Check out the topics below and be sure to join the free and open event.

First stop. LONDON TOWN!

What: IlmTour: Lessons from the Seerah.

When: Monday June 10th, after Asr salah.

Where: Edmonton Islamic Centre Al Masjid 20-34 Raynham Road,Upper Edmonton, London, N18 2SJ.

Who: Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef, Shaykh Kamal El Mekki, Shaykh Navaid Aziz & Brother Boonaa Mohammad.


Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef – Science of Success – The Seerah did not happen because of a miracle. It followed human laws for success. Laws that are duplicable.

Shaykh Kamal El Mekki – Killing with Love – Understanding the character of the Prophet (saw) and how to dealing gently with people.

Shaykh Navaid Aziz – Planting Seeds – Legacy building and understanding that the seeds you plant in this dunya will continue to grow even after you die.

The First Batch: Class of 2013

Congratulations to the first graduation class of AlMaghrib Institute. May you be granted sincerity wherever your feet carry you – and not allow anyone of His creation a share of your intentions. Aameen. May you continue to be an asset to this Ummah, and soften and educate many hearts at your hands.

We hope to see many more graduation ceremonies like this with our current and future students of knowledge. This is definitely the first of many, in sha Allah.

Graduating Class 2013
The entire class of 2013 with Shuyukh