[IlmSummit 2013 topic release] What’s the hype about?

IlmSummit: AlMaghrib Institute’s 10 day residential retreat will be held outside of the US and in the UK for the first time EVER!

Not only does IlmSummit boast cutting edge material, world renowned Shuyukh, it also offers Quran and Tajweed classes from a visiting instructor, Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda (Qalam Institute) and an experience like no other! Imagine being surrounded by serious students, learning, residing, eating, and chilling with them AND the Shuyukh?

Check out the video below, as Dr Waleed Basyouni, Shaykh Abu Eesa & Dr Yasir Qadhi release this year’s topics:

<< Watch Video >>

P.S: IlmSummit will be held outside in Wokefield Park in Berkshire (outside of London) during December 20th – 30th 2013 In sha Allah. Check out –> www.almaghrib.org/ilmsummit

P.P.S: What’s the hype about IlmSummit and why are the Shuyukh so excited?? –>www.almaghrib.org/ilmsummit

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