A Perfect Philippines Party!

The Philippines proved to be the latest country to welcome AlMaghrib to its shores as Zamboanga City hosted their launch seminar “Forever” with the one and only Shaykh Riad Ouarzazi .

In what was an incredibly successful weekend by the mercy and grace of Allah with students enthralled by the realities of the Hereafter in this single-weekend rollercoaster through the description of Heaven and Hell and the associated matters concerning them both.

A big thank you to their wonderful Banu team who will no doubt be looking to increase to Qabeelah status with a new class soon in sha Allah! Check out more photos of what was a great weekend right here.

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    Being patient paid off . Allah swt knows we were waiting for AlMAghrib Institute since 2011. Allah swt not only gave us our 1st AlMaghrib class last June 20, but allowed more than 700 people to witness the Launching Class.

    InnAllaha Ma’ As’sabireen … “Verily, Allah is with the patient”

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