Welcome to the Family, Aberdeen!

In more great news, we were delighted to see the dedication of our Scottish family finally pay off in bringing in their third city to the folds of the AlMaghrib family: Aberdeen!

“The Granite City” had to live up to its name as we sent down someone made from granite himself – Sh Abu Eesa – to deliver his knockout class “Protect This House” after the wonderful work by Banu Rahma in motivating such a great turnout from a city with only 4000 Muslims. It was an amazing experience by all accounts by the grace of Allah but don’t just take our word for it: check out these photos from the class which will bring a smile to your face.

And there was also an incredible little bonus at the class when one of our students had heard enough and half way through said….I’d like to become Muslim now!”

Allahu Akbar. We welcome you brother Emmanuelle to this beautiful faith and we ask Allah to bless all of us with knowledge and steadfastness until we meet Him, ameen!

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