Benefit from our daily Ramadān Reminders!

A thousand congratulations to you on reaching the blessed month from all of us here at AlMaghrib! May Allah the Almighty make this Ramadān a time of reflection, action and the achievement of forgiveness, ameen!

This year we are delighted to announce our Ramadān Reminder Series, a valuable daily video released on our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed just a few minutes long which we are sure you’re going to LOVE and benefit from, coming to you directly from our great team of Instructors here at AlMaghrib. And now for the first time, we will be presenting the videos daily HERE on our blog as well!

As a little tantaliser, prepare yourself this month from some mind-blowing recitation from Sh Ahsan Hanif, some quality quotes from the Salaf via Sh Waleed Basyouni, tips and hints from Sh Saad Tasleem, some old school fantabulous fiqh from Sh Abu Eesa, Dr Reda Bedeir doing what he does best with the Qur’ān, great points for thought from Sh Omar Suleiman and so much more.

To start it all off though, it’s the effervescent and impossibly cheerful Sh Abdulbary Yahya talking to us about what he calls “the yearly Pitstop” and reminding us exactly why it is when we have that water in our mouths in the middle of the day during Ramadān, what happens to us next?

Please share the khayr and ensure all your friends and family benefit from this great series too!

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