‘Eed Mubārak from AlMaghrib Institute!

Assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāh!

‘Eed Mubārak to all of you! It’s everyone’s favourite day of the year once again alhamdulillāh! We glorify our Lord, extol His greatness and thank Him for his unlimited bounties.

“He wants you to complete the prescribed period and to glorify Him for having guided you, so that you may be thankful.” (185, al-Baqarah)

Thus let us be the first to respond to the ayah: Allāhu Akbar! Wa lillāhil-Hamd!

And in a first, we thought we’d give you all an ‘Eed hug like you’ve never seen before!

We hope and pray that you all have a great celebration with your family, and we ask Allah to accept from all of us our fasting, our praying, our supplications, our charity and our good deeds even if only few, and that He transforms us through this month to become people who are al-Muttaqīn! Amīn!

We all know that this Ramadhān has been a very painful one for us all. Our family in Syria, Palestine, Burma, Iraq, CAR, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, and so many other parts of the world have been suffering untold difficulties.

We pray that Allah lightens their burden and blesses them with the greatest of ease and rewards in both worlds, and we pledge not to let them down in working for their cause and bettering ourselves as Muslims so that their sacrifices are not wasted.

We are so proud of you all for supporting our appeal for Gaza in our #Overcome Ilminar which raised just over half a million dollars of aid! Thank you so much! May Allah accept it from you all and may the Ummah be motivated to support many more campaigns and projects to help our brothers and sisters as we enjoy our family celebrations right now, and that we move forward into the year as better people, and even closer to Allah whilst we still have the opportunity. Not everyone is fortunate enough to make it for another chance next year, as we ourselves only know too well with the loss a few days ago of our beloved former Ameer, Mostafa Khalifa rahimahullāh.

His legacy was for people to not waste a second in seeking knowledge and practising every type of good wherever possible. Let that be our motto for the rest of the year too.

The very best and happy returns of the year to you!

With our best wishes,

AlMaghrib Institute

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