Behind The Vault | Hidden Lessons from the Rise & Fall of Muslim Spain

Behind the Vault

They didn’t rule in Spain for just a few decades. While America is just 240 years old today, Muslim Andalusia reigned for 781 years!

Let that sink in.


Following the rise and fall of Muslim contribution and enlightenment, Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick presents a stellar piece linking our present and future to our past.

Don’t mistake this for a history book. Rather, Behind the Vault extracts timeless lessons vital to our personal and societal success in the contemporary world.

Download your copy of Behind The Vault researched and written by the Head of AlMaghrib’s History Department, Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick.

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick is a senior scholar and historian who has dedicated his life to recovering our forgotten and deleted history.

He has travelled to over 61 countries, visiting historical sites, discovering rare manuscripts in private libraries, and meeting with descendants of key historic figures.